Michelle Pepper


Melbourne, Australia


Michelle Pepper (affectionately known as Pep) is an intrinsically gifted artist, specialising in an array of mediums. She finds joy in the tactility of textiles, fluidity of acrylic on canvas and the simplicity of coloured pencils and calls it a tonic for the soul.

An avid learner, Michelle graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) in 2015, before being swept into the chaotic sojourn of corporate life. Here, she became disjointed with her passions for many years before beginning to reignite with her love of art and its subjective qualities.

Many that know Michelle adore her happy child-like intrigue of the world and inherent questioning of nature - by delving deeply into how & why things are the way they are. This depth emerges in many of her works, whilst also bringing a pleasing, magical lightness into each crafted piece.

In a creative collaboration, Michelle’s excellence lies in her ability to listen, empathetically understand a brief & completely bring a project to life.

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