3 Years



Adoption Status:



Layla is the epitome of ‘doing and having it all.’

Essentially a bootilicious supermodel, Layla lives an opulent lifestyle full of glitz and glamour but has a secret laid-back life she keeps hidden from the puparazzi. This relaxed Layla who occasionally comes and snoozes on the floor at SCAR is the Layla we know and love. Both versions of Layla can be seen within her captivating body of work, which captures on canvas what it is to be a stunning Greyhound who just loves to nap.

As the canine equivalent of Usain Bolt, Layla sprints across the canvas in record-breaking speed, creating paw-strokes in her signature style. Her work is a self-portrait of sorts, the bold, curvy shapes and dazzling colours, reminding the viewer of the artist’s delightful snoot, her big brown eyes and, of course, her svelte frame. Layla has never had to try hard to get the attention of those around her, and her artwork is no different. It shines just like the artist.

We think she deserves a big nap for her achievements.