5 Months


Kelpie x Heeler

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Ever since Maggie was old enough to bound around on her tiny feet, she has been fascinated by the idea of speed. She spent her youth at SCAR, chasing other shelter dogs around, testing the limits of what she was capable of and how much the other dogs could tolerate her.

As an artist, Maggie’s work depicts her fast-paced life with every wild and furious stroke of her paws upon the canvas. Her hazy use of greens, blues, and earthy tones, perfectly represents Maggie’s view of the world as she runs by at full speed, the scenery morphing into nothing but a blur as she lives her life to the fullest.

Maggie is a playful soul with a mischievous side, and her work explodes with a bounding sense of urgency and roars with life!