1 Year



Adoption Status:

Foster to Adopt


Based within in his Brunswick home, Panther is a self-taught artist who balances his creative expression alongside his second love – the art of Wing Chun, which he teaches part-time down at his local martial arts school.

His passion for art was discovered accidentally whilst practising his slapping strike technique upon his owner’s coffee cup. The cup went flying off the coffee table and onto the carpet and Panther, captivated by the unintentional beauty of what he had created, craved more!

Since then, Panther has continued to utilise his love of martial arts in his painting, swiping his paws across the canvas with powerful efficiency to create pieces that channel his inner Ip Man! Panther has been known to work into all hours of the night and through his impressive portfolio, Panther has gained a sense of inner peace.

Each piece offers the viewer a place to meditate on the beauty in the world and the well-known truth that cats are better than dogs.