Sir Bowington


7 Years



Adoption Status:

In Foster


The cheerfully and chonky Sir Bowington came to SCAR requiring a weight loss plan and serious surgery to his right leg. Needing an outlet for the intense pain and suffering that lead him to our doors, Sir Bowington spent his time in recovery, healing himself through artistic expression.

Sir Bowington’s work focuses on joyful, textured patterns using a bright colour palette which juxtaposes perfectly with the stark subject matter dealing with life being injured. Through his talented and portly paws, he has been able to convey a powerful story of healing, rejuvenation, and renewal.

“Creating art has become my therapist, my favourite treat at the end of the day, and the comforting pat I need when I’m feeling lost. My battle with my weight and my surgery has been very hard, but thanks to my art, I’ve had a reason to focus on something other than my struggle. It’s been a cathartic experience." – Sir Bowington