Sir Lexington


11 Months


Border Collie X Magnificent Mystery

Adoption Status:



Sir Lexington is his own inspiration.

Described by his mother as a “perfect angel baby”, Sir Lexington, or Lexi as he is more affectionately known, is one of SCAR’s Ambassadogs. With a heart of gold and the subversive talents of a young, furry Banksy, Lexi’s work grew out of the Melbourne Dog Park Scene and has since been inspired by his life’s work (so far) visiting and bringing joy to those who are doing it tough.

Lexi’s work is often satirical, sometimes preformative, but nearly always a political and social commentary on life as a dog in modern society. Lexi attributes his success to eating the plants within his mother’s well-kept garden at home and to the floofy, swishiness of his tail, which he has been known to use as a paint brush when his tiny tootsies get tired.