Keeping Your Dog Cool In The Hotter Months

What do the Kongsicle, the Slippery Brick and the Wading Pool all have in common? They’ll keep your canine cool and amused this summer and are fun and easy to do.


A regular Kong toy, plugged at the small end with peanut butter, then filled with very weak liquid chicken – stock and frozen overnight is the doggy version of a Magnum icecream! Delicious!

Slippery Brick

Half-fill an ice-cream container with water and freeze – place a number of liver-treats, Schmackos or other favoured treats in a layer, then fill to top with water and freeze again. This makes a giant flavoured ice-block to provide hours of icy enjoyment while you’re out.

Wading pool

Half-fill a childrens wading pool with water and throw a few of your dog’s favourite toys in – many breeds including Retrievers, Spaniels and Terriers will love diving in and out of this splash – pool over the day.

When time prevails

Be your best friend’s favourite pal and treat him or her to a day at a dog-friendly beach!