April in Review


As I was walking through our Campbellfield shelter recently I stopped in one of our cat play rooms to watch our newest litter of rescued kittens playing on their cat tower. The activity in the shelter that day confirmed for me that the work SCAR is doing every day, for both animals and people in our community, is incredibly important.

There were a group of students, the animal welfare leaders of the future, learning  about responsible companion animal care as they happily interacted with some shelter animals under the careful supervision of our trained animal attendants.

A young lady who visits our shelter each week from a local care facility sat in the dog lounge with her carers, helping to groom one of our friendly rescue dogs and enjoying some animal interaction.

In the vet room, a young mother was consulting with our veterinary team about arranging an affordable treatment plan for her sick pets under our outreach program. I could hear the conversation briefly and without this program she said that she would have had to put her dogs to sleep.

Around the shelter a steady stream of volunteers exercised some of the dogs in our care while visitors were happily being introduced to animals available for adoption by our knowledgeable and dedicated staff.

Every day Second Chance Animal Rescue is made up of sights, sounds, activities and experiences just like these and it made me proud to be a part of such a vibrant, caring and effective charitable organisation.

We have just celebrated our 3rd successful year in the SCAR shelter, may the next 3 years be full of other such life changing experiences for both animals in need and those that care for them.

Until next time,

Marisa Debattista