April / May News

The month of April saw some wonderful achievements for SCAR, from celebrating our 4th year in our Campbellfield shelter to the huge milestone of reaching our 10,000th adoption since the charity began in my own lounge room 11 years ago. The immense growth in our outreach program and the planning for our new community animal hospital project have been a main focus in April for our busy team, on top of our regular rescue work caring for the animals that come through our doors.

While each life saved is a victory unto itself at SCAR we feel that it’s crucial that our work in the animal sheltering field is continually focused on solving the underlying problem of animal homelessness rather than just the band aid effect of rescuing and rehoming. We are thrilled to hear the topic of animal welfare discussed a lot more regularly in today’s society but too many animals in Australia are still in crisis. The team at SCAR works tirelessly to maintain our commitment to reaching the end of animal abandonment in Australia, a big job we know but we will continue on our mission every day until we reach the outcome that these animals deserve.

The municipality of Hume as a community has been phenomenal in its support of SCAR from the moment we opened, as well as thousands of others that reside outside of our council area. Every fundraiser and call for help has been answered with extraordinary generosity and has kept us running up to this date. Unfortunately constant fundraising and pleas for help runs down everyone, from our small team or passionate staff to our die-hard volunteers. We are constantly working on multiple grant applications that might help us continue our work, but these grants are for specific projects/programs and we cannot rely on the possibility of being the recipients of these grants. We need a consistent monetary base that we can rely on to ensure that our day to day work can continue and that SCAR can stay afloat when the times get tough, and they do get tough!

If only 200 people were to choose SCAR as their charity and commit to donating a mere $20 per month, we would be able to function no matter what emergency arises. Our shelter and the no-kill concept that we follow can only exist if the community deems it worthy of their support. Every contribution made is critical to our success so please jump on board with our charity and help us continue our life saving work into the future by becoming a regular donor.

Marisa xx