For Miso, Dr Karmen would become his safety. He felt protected and more inclined to face the world as long as she was around.

He stood out from his siblings immediately. Where his sisters and older brothers were dark, his fur shone like gold. He trembled in his pen and would shy away into the corner. He barked at strangers that passed as if to tell them he was tough, it was clear this pup was nervous and stressed, but his eyes begged for comfort.

This was Theodore.

For one of our veterinarians, Dr Karmen, it only took one look at him, and she fell in love with his sweet little face.

"As soon as I saw his photo, there was just something about him. I needed to help him," she said."

The very first photo of Miso, or Theodore as he was known then.

Karmen and Miso in the office

Here at SCAR, it may be our job to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome vulnerable animals in need, but it's also a passion.

A passion that has each of us, at one point or another, inviting these beautiful souls requiring some TLC into our homes and, inevitably – our hearts. 24/7, our hearts, hands and minds are full of the animals in our care. And so, it was for Dr Karmen.

Deciding her new little roommate needed a fresh start, Dr Karmen decided to change Theodore's name. And so, this shy little guy became known as Miso.

"When I first got him home, Miso was very timid." Says Dr Karmen.

"He was in a small crate, and when I put it down to let him out, he wouldn't even approach the door. So I gave him some time to check out his new surroundings, and with some courage, he finally came out. Once he did, though, he followed me like a shadow!"

For Miso, Dr Karmen would become his safety. He felt protected and more inclined to face the world as long as she was around. Each day, Miso would accompany Dr Karmen to and from work.

As Liam tried to build Miso's confidence, it became apparent that Miso was very clearly terrified of men. When he saw Liam coming, Miso would jump into Dr Karmen's arms or hide behind her legs. With time, Liam would get Miso to the point of accepting treats, but his fear was still there, and he would always look to Dr Karmen for reassurance.

When he wasn't at SCAR rehabilitating, he was at home doing what he needed to do to recover from his trauma. And for Miso, what he needed was sleep.

"He chose a corner of the couch for himself, and all he did was sleep there for hours." Said Dr Karmen.  But if Miso woke and Dr Karmen or her partner wasn't around, he would "fret so much" that he would give himself diarrhoea the following day.

Finally, with time and a carefully established routine, Miso started to relax, and his goofy nature came out!

This was when Dr Karmen knew – Miso would be staying.

"He is beautiful, but his personality was the deal sealer for us. He's got so many quirks!" says Karmen. "He is the biggest sleepyhead, just like me!"

The sleepiest boy!

The boy whose life is SLEEP!

Asleep again, buried under the pillows!

Nothing can wake him up, not even food. His life is SLEEP!

Even if you nudge him or give him a gentle shake, he keeps his eyes closed the whole time and stays floppy!

"And after dinner, he will crash-land into His corner of the couch and enthusiastically rub his face all over the cushions! Then he falls asleep again - just buried under the pillows! He is such a derpy little guy!"

When it comes to Karmen's pet cats, Miso does his best. Used to being the one to retreat and avoid conflict in a large family (especially when it comes to food), Miso gets along with his feline siblings because he simply avoids them. "He walks past them more confidently than before, but that's about it. I'm still hopeful for the day I find him snuggled up with one of the cats!" Says Karmen.

Miso now stands out for a different reason. He has joined our team of SCAR Ambassadogs and joins Dr Karmen every day when she comes to work. He no longer trembles in fear, but instead runs to greet our team of nurses! He now only barks when he's guarding the clinic office against delivery drivers… from the safety of a warm lap, of course! Those eyes that once begged for comfort now only ask where his squeaky toy is and when you will be playing with him?

This is Miso.

Miso and fellow Ambassadog, Ed guarding the clinic office

Our entire team of veterinary staff LOVE Miso!

Click the photo above to see Miso, nailing his movie star moment in our latest video for Ethicaljobs.com.au!

Every day, animals just like Miso and his little family come through our doors at SCAR.

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