Underneath her submissive, tender expression was, well, a storm.

A raging, swelling typhoon of conflicting emotions, fears, and turmoil – all wrapped up in the most adorable-looking dog you'd ever seen.

With her doe-like eyes, soft, long eyelashes, and tiny face and frame, you'd be forgiven for looking at Storm and assuming she was anything but a gentle, sweet creature who would come trotting up to you for a pat when you first met her.

But underneath her submissive, tender expression was, well, a storm. A raging, swelling typhoon of conflicting emotions, fears, and turmoil – all wrapped up in the most adorable-looking dog you'd ever seen.

Unlike Xena, who froze in the face of fear, Storm would stand as far back as she could, look you right in the eyes while shaking like a leaf and bark. Then, she would lift her tiny paw off the ground and keep her distance while looking very alarmed and alert.

Poor Storm, was shaking like a leaf that first day we met her

A tiny storm raging within

The Paw Lift

However, even though she may have been terrified and battling a thousand different emotions at once, Storm was food motivated and a quick learner. After about 10 minutes, Liam had her reluctantly taking food out of his outstretched hand. She, too, was afraid of men and preferred the company of women.

Tiny Storm's foster situation was quite different to her siblings. Where they had all gone to relatively solo homes to rehabilitate, Storm would ease out of her large family life and head home with her foster carer, Tania… her family and all their pets! However, like the other smaller dogs in the PomChi clan, Storm seemed to relax once she was back in a familiar home setting and away from the pecking order of her family.

Can you spot Maggie, one of the faces of our Rescue All-Stars Juicy Pale Ale in amongst this adorable family photo?

One on one time is nice too!

Living the dream!

"Storm just seemed to fit in well." Says Tania. "She was still very skittish but getting better. With time, she was even starting to overcome her fear of men and was less nervous when they approached her. She is just adorable!"*

In January, Tania and her crew had a breakthrough with Storm! After months of no luck when trying to get her to walk on her lead, Tania had started placing the collar and lead on Storm during the day and leaving it there for short bursts, so she could get used to the feeling. Then, when they took her out for their next walk, it was like something finally clicked! Suddenly, Storm took off like a rocket, walking on her lead with complete confidence for 15 whole minutes!

It seemed like that day was the defining moment for Miss Storm. Once she learned that she could walk on a lead with her people beside her and that there was a big, wide world out there to explore -  she was itching to experience it... with her people by her side, of course. Now, she just needed to find her people.

When her new mum Jess walked into Storm's life, it was like someone told Storm it was okay to come out now after years of hiding away. They'd spend time outdoors in the courtyard while Jess worked in the garden, and Storm would sniff and explore all the new smells. Then she'd simply head off for a nap beside her new kitty brother and sister. The raging storm inside Storm was waning, and her soul was starting to calm. Even Jess could see the progress!

That's one small step for Storm...


...and selfies!

"We went for a whole walk one night without needing a comfort cuddle! It may be a small step, but for a little dog in a big scary world – it's a huge leap, and she's getting braver every day!"

Suddenly, Miss Alarmed and Alert was nowhere to be found, and in her place was Storm – All Terrain PomChi, ready to take on the world! And with Jess by her side, she does just that!

From exploring the bush, heading out on the farm to help Jess feed the horses, making time to frolic by the river and the beach and, of course, heading shopping for accessories!

For this tiny, sweet girl, it seems her inner storm has finally evaporated. Storm is finally every bit as sweet and affectionate as she looks! But this little pup has gained a life of adventure with Jess by her side. One that's made her stronger than a rainstorm, wilder than the wind, and fiercer than a flash of lightning.

She is a little powerhouse. She is Storm! And she is loved.

Strolling by the river

Knocking back a few cold ones with her mates!

There's nothing this fearless girl can't handle anymore!

From getting stylish!

To going off-road! Storm's life is one adventure after the next!

How it started vs How it's going

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